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A consultant for more than twenty years, Mr. Buckman has developed and implemented successful communications initiatives for corporate clients in North America, Europe and Australia. He understands how the power of communications helps management achieve strategic goals and has the skills and experience to put that power to work for the client's success.

Mr. Buckman is highly skilled at messaging and positioning. A former journalist, he is a Golden Quill-winning writer and communicator with a diversified portfolio of high-quality work across various media (print, e-marketing, Web management, and more). He also is adept at harnessing the tools of Web 2.0 to foster collaboration, enterprise knowledge sharing and ongoing community building with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Mr. Buckman has been particularly successful in helping companies leverage both external and internal communications as a platform for organizational change. He has worked with both established and emerging companies in such industries as manufacturing, information technology, content/publishing, life sciences and health, transportation, and financial services. Examples of Mr. Buckman's client work include:

Implemented a social media strategy for an online tutoring company that has created new channels to reach and influence school administrators, teachers and students across the U.S.
Supported a global chemical company's initiative to improve workplace quality and individual zeal. Mr. Buckman produced a magazine-style corporate publication with profiles of the client's employees in a number of different business units and regions. The project involved interaction with senior management worldwide.
With its growth through large acquisitions, a well-known financial services giant faced the challenge of creating a "One Enterprise" corporate culture. Mr. Buckman developed a North American communications program that reached more than 80,000 employees and cultivated a shared vision for the company.
Reporting directly to the CEO, Mr. Buckman helped a pioneering aggregator of online news and research cast an outsized shadow worldwide through innovative marketing and public relations. Mr. Buckman helped bring to market the first online business intelligence service geared toward a mass audience and built strategic alliances including in Australia, China and Europe.

In the fast-changing IT and knowledge-services arenas, a leading online research retrieval provider used in more than 100 countries perceived that its reputation did not accurately reflect the company's innovation and new product development successes. Mr. Buckman managed a worldwide media relations campaign, involving numerous outreach efforts in major domestic and international markets.

Another area of Mr. Buckman's professional strength is crisis communication. For a client that transports hazardous chemicals and waste byproducts, for example, Mr. Buckman was on the team activated, according to the company's crisis management plan, to manage ramifications from an overturned tanker truck and possible leakage of toxic materials. Another client, a manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment, was the subject of incorrect reporting from a newspaper concerning the safety of one of its products. Because of the viral nature of online news, the company was concerned that the misinformation published by the newspaper would influence customers and regulators, and indeed one competitor did relay the news on to its customer base. Within hours of original publication, Mr. Buckman had prepared a management statement that was distributed online and a CEO letter that was e-mailed to customers one business day later. He also worked with the CEO on direct outreach to key trade press editors and the company's major investors. Mr. Buckman also briefed the offending newspaper's editors, leading to a published retraction.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Mr. Buckman worked in New York City as director of marketing for PR Newswire, a news release distribution service, and as a communications manager for Union Carbide. As a business writer, Mr. Buckman has been published widely, including producing special sections for Fortune, Forbes, Business Week and other publications. For many years, he wrote a column for a British magazine, Investor Relations, about technology and its impact on capital markets and investing.

Mr. Buckman started his career working for Time magazine in Washington D.C., London and Johannesburg and later also reported for South Africa's The Financial Mail. He grew up in Western Pennsylvania, did his undergraduate work at The George Washington University and graduate work at The London School of Economics. Mr. Buckman has been involved in numerous community and professional groups, including board membership at the Software and Information Industry Association. He and his family now live in Pittsburgh.