C4CS® - Leaders in Strategic Communication and Crisis Management

From Court TV to the Six O’clock Evening News and a growing number of influential bloggers, high profile litigation is increasingly becoming the focus of extensive traditional and social media attention that negatively impacts corporate reputation and financial performance. With specialized knowledge of the legal sector, C4CS® works with in-house attorneys and external legal counsel to enhance representation before the court of public opinion and improve strategic communication with internal and external stakeholders.

As an integral aid to mounting an effective defense, C4CS® assists by providing legal teams with critical knowledge through extensive internet and media monitoring and analysis, targeted stakeholder engagement, effective message development and testing, advancement of message delivery skills and techniques, the coordination of courthouse media logistics, etc.

Recognizing that attorneys never know when a client will become a high profile case, C4CS® brings its analytical, strategic and tactical crisis management and crisis communication expertise to the legal arena in order to assist attorneys in dealing with the demands of this special area of legal representation.

Our understanding of legal issues combined with our strategic communication and crisis management expertise enables us to provide corporate counsel and attorneys in private practice with the assistance and support that is needed to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving and social media driven business environment. Past projects include: Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes on crisis communication, media relations and interview skills, reputation management, and other topics; lawsuit specific internet and media monitoring; on-camera media training; pre-indictment assistance; post-conviction support; and more.

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